Absence Line - Innovative absence management solutions.
Triggers are a proven way to monitor absence and are a vital component of an effective absence management process.

Most absence policies contain triggers which can vary widely, from specific absence types prompting immediate occupational health intervention, to breaching of certain thresholds prompting potential management intervention or absence review meetings with HR.

Absence Line can accommodate all types of triggers and prompt for intervention where necessary.

Absence Line holds trigger information for the majority of our clients. Our system allows for a 2 tier trigger structure which easily accommodates client needs as most only use the first tier.

Common absence triggers include:

  • Notification to occupational health for specific conditions. E.g. Stress, Musculo Skeletal etc.
  • Information to relevant parties should an employee breach a threshold from the client’s absence policy. E.g. 4 incidents or 8 days total duration within a rolling 12 month period.
In addition to this, Absence Line can provide additional notifications by email or SMS, should it be required. Examples of this include emails to a health and safety representative if an absence is reported that an employee believes to be work related. This enables the client to investigate all such reports within the timescales set out in the guidelines for RIDDOR reporting.

Absence Line has numerous ways of informing the client that an employee has breached an absence trigger.
  • The information can be shown on the online system, on both individual employee records and also as a report showing all employees currently on a trigger.
  • This information can be included in the email text, along with the base details.
  • Can be included on the RTW form and also on the absence history.
  • Most clients receive a weekly report, detailing those employees that have breached triggers and the actions leading up to this breach.
  • This information can also be included within the monthly stats, within both an absence summary and as a separate trigger report.