Absence Line - Innovative absence management solutions.
There are several absence reasons which will always be amongst the main causes of absence. These include stress, anxiety and depression, minor illness, musculo-skeletal issues (including back and neck pain) and personal problems.

In addition to these, it is possible to identify both established and developing absence ‘trends’.

Absence Line can highlight the common causes and also help to identify where less common trends have occurred.

Highlighting absence trends can be accomplished by various methods: email notification to relevant parties, management reports, via the online system or signposting to available resources.
Trends in absence can also be used to identify work process problems. An example of this would be one work area or work type showing steady rise in back and neck problems over an extended period of time. After identifying such a trend there is often a requirement for either work place assessments or occupational hygiene recordings to be carried out. These can help to identify any areas that may need further assessment (such as ergonomic investigations) or to enable employers to be certain that the figures represent a statistical anomaly.