Absence Line - Innovative absence management solutions.
Absence Line reports are completely configurable to individual client specifications and IMASS work together with key personnel within the client organisation to adapt and adjust these reports over a period of months.

All Absence Line reports are sent out in either Excel format or CSV format if required to be uploaded onto an internal system at the client end. We work together during the implementation phase to ensure that reports requiring upload contain data in the correct format and in the correct order.

The current suite of reports includes the following:


  • Daily Actions - Produced at 10AM each day and shows all of the absence actions since 10AM the previous day.
  • Current absentees - Not all clients request this as information is available via the online system.
  • Weekly Actions - Produced at 10AM every Monday and shows all of the actions since 10AM the previous Monday.
  • Trigger report - Showing all employees who have breached a trigger according to the client’s absence policy.
  • The format of the monthly report is made up of a basic set of data with client specific additions as required. All clients are provided with the basic report initially and this is added to incrementally until the report fully meets the client’s requirements.
  • The base set includes data for a calendar month, for a comparable calendar month and for the previous 12 months. The data includes absence percentage (can be split by sickness and non sickness), location breakdown, departmental breakdown (within each location), absence type breakdown, absence sub type (within main absence types) breakdown, triggers breached, work related incidents, current absentees at month end and manager RTW required at month end.
  • Absence line can compile ad hoc reports comprising any data that is collected as part of the absence record for each organisation. Examples of this may include absences with specific absence reasons, trend reports for specific departments or managers, patterns of Friday/Monday absentees etc.
  • Ad Hoc reports, once produced, can become part of the standard set of reports at the client’s request.
Customised statistical reports are produced at predefined intervals, detailing the absence situation for both the organisation as a whole, and for individual departments.
If an individual has breached any of the agreed thresholds, then both the line manager and occupational health are informed. This system works extremely effectively, either when IMASS provides the occupational health service or when the organisation has its own occupational health provider. The system can also automatically inform an organisations Health and Safety team when an absence is likely to become RIDDOR reportable.