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Occupational health encompasses many areas such as clinical advice and guidance, counselling, physiotherapy or practical changes to the working environment.

It can be a positive influence on your employees' long-term health and wellbeing, promote your position as a caring employer and help your business comply with both Health and Safety and Equality legislation.

Irrespective of whether you wish us to provide your occupational health, you have your own internal provision, or you use another third party provider, Absence Line will help to ensure that you get the most out of what is inevitably an expensive resource.
Possibly the most important single factor for Occupational Health when dealing with absence is timely intervention. In the increasingly changing world companies and government agencies operate within, absence can have a critical effect on both performance and budget management.
Effective Occupational Health input at an early stage can provide management with the information necessary to minimise any potential losses cost effectively.
Many organisations leave the responsibility of referring employees to occupational health to the line managers who often do not have the data required to enable them to make the referral worthwhile. This potentially leads to an inconsistent approach, where some managers will refer most absentees, and others will refer only those who have been absent for several weeks.
Trigger points for referral to Occupational Health should be detailed in your absence policy. These trigger points can then be built into the system, and the referral process will then be started automatically.