Absence Line - Innovative absence management solutions.
Absence notifications from the system are sent immediately following the call into the call centre. The most common type of notification is email, but clients have the option of adding SMS notifications as well. This allows a completely configurable notification system where everyone required to be notified receives something as soon as possible.

Designated users also have access to an online, real time system, containing information such as current absentees, required return to work interviews and real time statistics.

Absence Line emails all contain the minimum amount of information within the text of the email and instead, put as much information as possible in the PDF attachment.
PDFs sent from the system can be password protected if required by the client. Most clients request that a generic password is used for all attachments, thus allowing others to open notifications sent to the manager’s email account if the manager is not unexpectedly unavailable, therefore ensuring that notifications are received in good time and that return to work interviews are not unnecessarily delayed.
Access to the online system is defined during the implementation period and additional access after this is only accepted if a request is received from a designated representative of the company and not from the individual themselves.
There are 3 levels of access to the system, all with different levels of functionality and also differing levels of department access.
Each user of the Absence Line system has an individual password, which they are advised to change on a regular basis.