Absence Line - Innovative absence management solutions.
The Absence Line service benefits from being delivered through a strategic partnership between two organisations effectively combining their expertise - IMASS and Go Response.

Go response picked up three awards at the prestigious 2012 Contact Center World Awards (EMEA), which included GoResponse being named Best Small Contact Centre and GoResponse’s Managing Director Mark Kirby being announced as Best Executive.

Go Response operators go through a structured recruitment strategy which includes formatted application assessment, telephone interviews, face to face interviews, testing on data entry accuracy, assimilated call handling, listening and keyboard tests before they are selected for employment. On joining Go Response as an operator, staff are trained and evaluated over a structured 3 month programme, increasing the level of skill ability to handle more complicated scripts only when they have exceeded the expectations required to do so. Only top level operators are assigned to Absence Line.
The main Absence Line call centre is based in Sittingbourne, Kent and benefits from the latest technologies to ensure the highest service levels. The call centre benefits from redundant communications links which give the maximum possible protection against communications failure. In the unlikely event our call centre is incapacitated we have established partnerships which enable us to automatically port incoming calls to two further centres within the UK. The operators within these centres have undergone the same thorough training package as our own employees to ensure consistent service levels in the unlikely event they are called upon. All calls made to, or from, our call centres are recorded for validation and quality control purposes. A small number of these are audited automatically.
The call centre software itself consists of a core module and additional customised elements for each client. These are produced by our software developers to allow us to support each client individually according to their needs and requirements. This enables us to respond to and support an individual organisation’s absence policy. We also provide the ability for some elements of the system to be accessed via secure Internet applications. Typically these are used to allow managers and HR –particularly those responsible for arranging temporary cover - to see a real time picture of their absence statistics or to allow occupational health teams to identify individuals who would benefit from a medical intervention.