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The average level of employee absence is currently 6.8 days per employee per year.

Even for organisations paying minimal sick pay, the true cost of sickness absence can be greater than is immediately apparent. Provision of temporary workers, loss of productivity, strain on the remaining workforce, and in extreme cases the financial implications of ill health retirements can sometimes lead to the total cost being three times an initial estimate.

When an organisation makes the decision to monitor the cost of employee absence, it enables them to identify the potential cost benefits of investing in improved absence management processes. There are numerous factors which affect the cost of absence and these should all be taken into account when calculating. They include (although not exhaustive) statutory sick pay, temporary cover, loss of production, loss of service provision, overtime costs and occupational sick pay.
Absence Line can provide information which can help organisations identify the true cost of absence. Reducing this figure will always have a positive effect on profitability, especially if the revised absence management process and therefore the cost reduction are maintained going forward and form part of company policy.
A major factor in the cost of absence for any organisation is to ensure that sickness absences are concluded as quickly as possible. Absence Line can facilitate this by ensuring that relevant parties receive accurate and effective communication regarding absence within their areas.
Persistent short term absentees and long term absentees can both have a dramatic effect on absence costs. It is therefore vital that both are addressed as part of any absence management policy.
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