Absence Line - Innovative absence management solutions.
Absence Line bases it absence categories according to a standard list of illnesses originally compiled by the government. This list was designed to give the right level of information to occupational health to enable them to carry out effective referrals. Without some form of categorisation it is impossible to get maximum benefit from any occupational health intervention.

A two tier absence categorisation system incorporating a main absence type – Chest & respiratory and an absence sub type - Cough, allow reports to be produced on main types and also for more detailed reports including details of the absence sub type.

Defined absence categories aid effective absence management in multiple ways. From the moment that the employee first reports their absence through to that specific absence being recorded on an annual management information report, a clear absence category will make any information sent to the client to be meaningful from the outset.
When an employee reports their absence, the operator can search for a specific reason for absence using the Absence Line system. The majority of Absence Line clients work from a list that has fifteen main types and between two and sixty sub types.
The two tier system also enables clients to exclude certain conditions from Absence Line reporting. E.g. Some clients only allow sickness absence to be reported through Absence Line and others allow employees to report Non-Sickness absence such as Transport/Car Problems.