Absence Line - Innovative absence management solutions.
The implementation of the Absence Line system can offer almost immediate benefits in many areas, including:
  • 100% accurate sickness absence monitoring
  • Fast, efficient and secure reporting
  • Trend analysis
  • Complete case management for all employees
  • More efficient use of managers, health and safety and occupational health
  • Reduction in sickness absence rates and resulting costs
  • Identification of potential work process problems
  • Early identification of employees with potential absence issues

There are many benefits available to an organisation that chooses to outsource their absence management to Absence Line.
All absences are reported to a centralised location, maintaining a consistent approach throughout your organisation. This ensures that all employees are treated equally and is proven to be key to effectively managing absence.
Managers receive all relevant information and documentation promptly, allowing your absence policy to be implemented correctly and consistently.
Thresholds can be set up to reflect your absence policy. Threshold breaches can be highlighted in various ways to the relevant parties, who can then carry out any required actions.
Designated individuals can request information or reports at any time. These requests may highlight potential absence problems and seek further advice or carry out any necessary actions as required.
Absence Line can provide complete case management, from advice on policy and procedure, occupational health and health and safety. Nurse interventions can be provided dependant on specific requirements.
Absence Line can provide links to any occupational health provider, ensuring that intervention takes place as early as possible, thus minimising potential losses and having a positive effect on your organisation’s performance and budget.